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Hi Emma,
Just wanted to provide some feedback.
My name is jack,
and I am gena's (5pm wed) father.
We recently returned from holiday's,
where gena jumped in the deep end,
even though we told her not to.
Instead of panicking,
she went straight into
treading water
and waited for me to jump in....
the lifeguard froze.
Gena is 4 years old,
I was really impressed and wanted to commend the whole team
Best regards, Jack

Hi Emma,

I just wanted to write you to let you know that my daughters water confidence and skill has blown me away. She is nearly 2 and has been doing her weekly lessons at your swim school for almost a year now. Recently we went to Daylesford for a lunch and with it being a very hot day went to the lake for a swim. Raina was playing on the bank, with her floaties on. I was around 25 meters off shore in the water and waved to her. She smiled, waved and started walking into the water. I thought she may stop once it got too deep. But she kept going until she was floating then swam out to me. I was incredibly proud at her capability, and water confidence which is all thanks to the wonderful work you and all your young staff do teaching her. She spent a good 20 minutes swimming, floating and blowing bubbles. She would swap from being on her tummy kicking, then rolling over onto her back floating and kicking. I was a great thrill for me and the rest of the family to watch and see how comfortable she was in the water. Thank you very much and keep up the great work.

Yours sincerely, David





With over 40 years of experience, 

Brighton Swim School Aquatics
is an exceptional learn to swim
aquatic facility
with a brilliant program.

We teach babies and children through to adults how to survive in deep water and swim proficiently in all strokes.

Classes run seven days per week and you can book in at any time.

We cater to all levels of swimming ability and fitness from the beginner through to intermediates on to the high performance athlete.

Our success is based on our unique teaching and learning program. Our curriculum is engaging and efficient, stimulating and fun.

Contact us on 95962826




I just thought I would take the few minutes to write
and tell you what a wonderful teacher Joanne has been,
and still is, to my two boys.
My eldest son Charlie was taught previously by Jo
and my youngest Sam is still in lessons with her currently.
Jo has the most consistent and enthusiastic approach to all of her classes.
My son Sammy has been slow to develop his water skills and confidence,
but due to Jo's caring approach he is coming along so well, but more importantly,
loves his half hour swimming with her each week.
She is a star! I am sure my thoughts are not alone from other parents.
I hope this information is received well by you.
Regards Andrew

Dear Emma,
I wanted to relay some positive feedback to you
about your instructors of the 11:00am Sunday class
for 3-5 year olds. My children are in this class and
I come each week to watch and felt compelled to
write to you to compliment your staff. I have been
very impressed with the way the instructors teach
and relate to my kids, they are encouraging, patient
and nurturing but at the same time clear and firm.
My kids are loving it and responding well. 
Thanks and well done, Martin